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BioCoin ICO

BioCoin, an international blockchain platform and BIO cryptocurrency, is a system of mutual settlements, which allows to accelerate the pace of development and increase the turnover of all businesses that have joined the platform. BIO is the first crypto currency to integrate into the real economy, into the everyday life of people. The basis for the distribution of biocoin in the domain of real economic activity is the system of loyalty. This is the most important and central tool of biocoin. BioCoin supports and develops local communities, farmers, producers and sellers of pure natural products through an international loyalty system. BioCoin is a living ecosystem. About 20 million biocoins are already in daily turnover. The basis of the technological solution of the BioCoin platform is a universal blockchain-module that can work with many international loyalty systems and "convert" the bonuses and points awarded to customers to the cryptocurrency. BioCoin is created by the farm cooperative LavkaLavka, which has existed since 2009. Download wallet:
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till 25th of September!

1$ = 50 BIO

During the ICO - 1$ = 35 BIO

7 reasons to consider BioCoin as innovative cryptocurrency

BioCoin is the first crypto currency to be integrated into real life. As part of the loyalty platform of BioCoin, customers receive BioCoins as a reward for the purchase of goods and services. With these BioCoins, customers and businesses can settle with each other or pay for new goods and services. And the higher the rate of BioCoin - the more consumers tend to get into those businesses where they get BioCoins for purchases. We called this "consumer mining". Each check is followed by a transaction in BIO. By the end of 2017, the platform participants will have about 100 thousand transactions in BioCoins per day.

BioCoin is the first legal сrypto currency. We signed an agreement with the RTS Stock Exchange on holding an ICO on the first legal Russian crypto-exchange "Voskhod." Also as about the subsequent exit of BioCoin to the Stock Exchange "Voskhod".

The innovative component of BioCoin is an opportunity to pay with BIO anywhere by the BioCoinMasterCard. BioCoin has already agreed with BitWallet about the release of such a card.

The technological model of BioCoin provides the possibility of creating mutual support banks and microcrediting. Together with Savl project, we launch a mobile wallet application during the ICO, so all users of BioCoin will be interconnected to be able to create funds for lending to each other.

In the mobile wallet in addition to storing BioCoins, bitcoins and ethereum, there is the possibility of instant money transfers of these crypto-currencies to other users from your notebook. There is also a built-in stock exchange in your wallet.

BioCoin is an instrument for developing small business and farming. Our special direction for business is the Far East. This is the field of experiments, and we invest in the region to create here innovative agricultural projects.

The BioCoin platform enables other businesses to release tokens with the aim to maximize their integration into the real sector.


About BioCoin benefits

Why is BioCoin beneficial for customers? How does business benefit from BioCoin? Why is it profitable for buyers of BioCoins?
All clients of the stores, restaurants and other business projects that have joined the BioCoin blockchain-based loyalty programme instead of points will receive rewards credited in BIO cryptocurrency to their personal cryptowallet for every purchase made at these establishments. As a reward for each purchase, the customer receives a currency which they can use to pay for goods at any other affiliate store or cafe engaged in the BioCoin loyalty platform, or sell it on the exchange at a more favorable rate and gain profit. Customers receive money gratis for the purchase of farmer's and organic products. Businesses do not suffer losses as a result of discounts since all BIOs, which are accrued to the customers, return to the business and can be used further at their discretion. Partnering business projects get a free marketing tool to win new customers. At the moment BIO has already been put in use. Some farmers in Russia and other countries accept it as consideration for products. There is only one way customers can receive BIO: purchase them on the exchange from buyers of BioCoins who have acquired them during the ICO. The quantity of BIO is limited - 1 billion BIO is issued. Further annual additional emission is possible, but no more than 5 percent of the total amount of BioCoins. So, buyers of BioCoins become unique possessors of the cryptocurrency. And since the number of businesses using BIO is going to grow and they are going to develop, the need for BIO is going to grow at the same time. Consequently, both price and demand are going to grow.

BioCoin is a living ecosystem

It is important that the BioCoin ecosystem is operating now. In anticipation of the ICO 20 million bitcoins have been launched in LavkaLavka and its partners that joined the platform. We believed it crucial to allocate limited funds to test the system. And right now BioCoin is operating. Farmers receive BioCoins for their products, use them to purchase any required equipment, as well as livestock feeds, fertilizers and crop protecting agents. Customers already use BioCoins to pay in shops, farmer's markets and cafes. They buy goods such as food, furniture and clothes. Transactions in BioCoins occur daily and, what should be underlined, it is not merely the result of purely financial transactions detached from the real economy. BioCoin is already part of the real sector today, part of the real economic activity of people. Activity aimed at the sustainable development of local communities, farmers and enterprises that support environmental and green technologies.

Businesses that are already with us:

Currently, some 50 companies and businesses all over the world have announced their participation in BioCoin. By December 2017 their number will have reached 500. In 2018 more than 3000 businesses will accept BIO. View the map of businesses here.

An agricultural cooperative, or a farmers' co-op, embracing more than 200 small family farms and producers of ecological products.

Russian manufacturer of off-road vehicles
UAZ vehicles are most popular among small and medium-sized farmings.

"Double B"
An international coffee shop network from Russia. Founded in 2012, the chain currently has more than 75 shops across Moscow, Petersburg, Prague, Barcelona, Minsk, Tbilisi and other cities.

"Mark and Lev"
'Mark and Lev', a farmers' co-op, embraces 15 small and medium-sized farms of the Tula Oblast.

BROTECH Fermentation technology
Manufacturers of mini-breweries and mini-kvass-producing factories.

Zhitz Distillery
Manufacturer of products and beverages in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Premium Bonus
Developers of modern IT-solutions in the field of account management and loyalty programmes.

Icecake Moscow
Icecake Moscow is a manufacturer of ice-cream with natural toppings and sorbets based on fruit and berry juices.

Peasant Farm "Kolionovo"
A comprehensive peasant farm was established in 2007. Produces, processes and sales agricultural products.

Trouble-free lunch
A farmer shop where one can buy truly fresh country food and learn how to cook it.

Farm and shop of Alexander Pocheptsov
Manufacturer of pork, sturgeon, dairy products and vegetables.

Fish factory of Maxim Kurbatov
Producer and supplier of wild Russian fish and caviar without preservatives.

Cheese store of Georgy Vtulov
Producer of natural cheese from natural ingredients only.

Fusion group Ltd., Shanghai
An international company, importing food to the Chinese market

Marvel Organics
Manufacturer of biofertilizers for organic agriculture.

Living Craftworks, Australia
Manufacturer of natural food supplies

Forest hotel 'Golubino'
Eco-tourism and resort company

Bondalem Beach Club
A resort in Bali, specializing in quality leisure and organic products

Offer for prospective partners of the BioCoin blockchain platform

We create a solution that is open for integration of companies and businesses from all over the world which share our core ethical principles: supporting organic agriculture, local family farms, environmental friendly policy, facilitation of sustainable development of the planet based on the green economy principles.

Offer for partners To Become a partner

ICO details

What is BioCoin: BioCoin is an international blockchain-based loyalty platform and eco-cryptocurrency (BIO). The purpose of the platform is to create a network of socially responsible companies all over the world, which, through their activities, support organic farming, local family farms and responsible attitudes towards the environment, and also contribute to the planet's sustainable development according to the principles of green economy.

The basis of the technological solution of the BioCoin platform is a universal blockchain-module that can work with many international loyalty systems and "convert" the bonuses and points awarded to customers to the cryptocurrency.

Contraction: BIO
Rules of life of BioCoin emissions:

1. Initial emission equals to one billion coins.

2. In one year, it is possible to increase the number of coins up to 5% of the initial emission.

3. These 5% are the reward of coin holders. They are distributed among all coin holders whose coins participate in the confirmation of the block. A prerequisite is the activated wallet BioCoin.

4. The reward system was created for the stability and development of the BioCoin ecosystem.

5. Distribution is proportional to the age and number of coins. The older coins, the higher the proportion of the distribution. In this case, coins of the age less than 8 hours are not involved in the confirmation and they are not taken into account when distributing the premium. The older the coin, the higher the premium share. Coins of the age of 4 days and above have the same and the maximum share of the premium.

6. The final number of coins has a constantly growing value, depending on the current number of participating coins in finding the blocks and the number of BioCoin wallets included in the network

7. 5% are charged annually in any case, but they are distributed among the coins that participate in voting.

8. Since our coin will have a huge retail turnover. Part of the coins will not be deposited, as some of them will be cooked even less than for 8 hours. Only those businesses that have already joined the BIO now give 40,000 checks per day - these are the future 40,000 transactions in the BIO. Until the end of the year, our goal is to reach 100,000 transactions a day.

Controllable: Yes. All unsold token will be eliminated
BIO exchange rate: The first round of Presale (till 31.08.2017), 60 BIO = 1 USD;
PreSale (25.09.2017 - 8.10.2017), 50 BIO = 1 USD;
ICO (9.10.2017 - 11.10.2017), 45 BIO = 1 USD;
ICO (12.10.2017 - 14.10.2017), 40 BIO = 1 USD;
ICO (15.10.2017 - 09.11.2017), 35 BIO = 1 USD.
Payment details: You can purchase BIO with BTC, ETH, WAVES, SIB, RUB, Yandex.Money, QIWI.
Purchase BIO

ICO structure

Token allocation

Cost of BIO

BioCoin purchasing profit

60 BIO = 1 USD
The first round of Presale (till 31.08.2017)
50 BIO = 1 USD
PreSale (25.09.2017 - 8.10.2017)
45 BIO = 1 USD
ICO (9.10.2017 - 11.10.2017)
40 BIO = 1 USD
ICO (12.10.2017 - 14.10.2017)
35 BIO = 1 USD
ICO (15.10.2017 - 9.11.2017)


Bounty campaign fund consists of 8 000 000 BIO

15 %
Bitcointalk Thread
15 %
Bitcointalk Signature
and Avatar Campaign
15 %
Translation Campaign
35 %
Blogging Campaign
20 %
YouTube Campaign


Project team

Boris Akimov
"Leader of the new farming in Russia," by The New York Times. One of the founders of the "LavkaLavka" cooperative. Author of lectures and articles about ecological agriculture and responsible consumption. Winner of the Ernst & Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" award.

Alexander Mikhailov
Chairman of the farmer cooperative "LavkaLavka". Mathematician (graduate of the Lomonosov Moscow State University), evangelist of the international cooperatives movement, expert in payment systems and IT for finance.

Vasily Palshin
Head of Business Development at LavkaLavka. Crowd-investing specialist. Successfully launched several startups with funds raised through crowd investing.

Акимов Борис

Artem Kalinin
IT director at LavkaLavka. Crypto enthusiast and blockchain technology expert.

Акимов Борис

Steven Lichtenberg
Leading marketing specialist at LavkaLavka, ICO expert.

Акимов Борис

David Yavruyan
Creator of LavkaLavka's internal standards. Specialist in organic agriculture. Has extensive international experience in organic certification according to EU organic regulations. PhD in Biology.

Акимов Борис

Oleg Pokrovsky
Farmer. At the same time, a blockchain technology expert. Has been working with Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies since 2012. Founder of the Robokassa payment service.

Акимов Борис

Alexander Goncharov
Advocate, consultant in corporate finance and investment. The founder of the farm cooperative Mark and Lev, restaurants Mark and Lev, country hotel Bolotov Dacha (the Tula region)

Акимов Борис

Artur Ivanov
CFO at LavkaLavka. Financial planning expert.

Counsels and partners

Evgeniy Gordeev
Managing partner of Russian Ventures, founder of DeCenter, Russia's main telegram-channel dedicated to cryptotechnologies and decentralization. One of the main propagandists of crypto-reality in Russia. On the Internet since 1995. Many years of experience in Internet projects, including one of the first Internet agencies in Russia. Author of a letter addressed to President Putin with a proposal of immediate legalization of cryptocurrencies.

Helena Drewes Bollesen
Specialist in organic agriculture. The author of a book "To be or not to be. The Danish experience of organic agriculture". Helena is an Expert in manufacturing organic food supplies with the use of ecological technologies.

Anne-Elisabeth Ropion
A journalist, digital-strategist, marketer and CEO of ScribéCom, an agency she created twenty years ago in France. Anne was born in Paris. She has a global understanding of how to connect people who share the ethical principles of BioCoin around the world. She also created the project Orgaiam ( - a map of organic restaurants around the world, including farms and shops. She joined the BioCoin project because she is convinced of the "brilliant combination" of the need for sustainable growth in the ecological product industry and the development of blockchain technologies. Anne-Elisabeth promotes BioCoin in Europe

Olga Viktorovna Maiboroda
Marketing Director of PremiumBonus. Has more than 15 years of marketing experience. She has worked in leading positions in large federal Russian companies and has been dealing with traffic management and customer loyalty for over 10 years. Olga advises and develops effective loyalty programmes based on the Premium Bonus platform. Together with the Premium Bonus team, she has implemented more than 50 successful marketing projects in the markets of FMCG, HoReCa and others.

Mikhail Shlyapnikov
The founder of the "Kolionovo" farm in the Moscow region and the practice of introducing new models of the local economy in the rural way of life. In 2016 he integrated blockchain into the activities of the economy. In 2017 he held a successful ICO, releasing the cryptocurrency "Coliony" and collected more than 1.5 million dollars. Partner of LavkaLavka innovative programmes

Special guest

Vladimir Putin
Bitcoin-evangelist. According to international media, the Russian President considers cryptocurrencies and digital economy to be the main development drivers in the near future.

Strategic Partners