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1. What is BioCoin?
BioCoin is an international blockchain platform of loyalty and crypto-currency (BIO). It has a goal to unite socially responsible businesses around the world, that are associated with organic farming, local family farms, responsible attitude to the environment. And they contribute to the sustainable development of the planet in accordance with the principles of green economy.
2. How can work the algorithm of blockchain platform of loyalty BioCoin in the international field?
The basis of the technological solution BioCoin’s platform is a universal blockchain module. It can work with many international loyalty systems and convert bonuses and points to the crypto currency that accrued clients. Our goal is to create a universal blockchain algorithm. It will be able to work with many solutions in the field of loyalty systems.
3. What about the scheme of blockchain platform?
All clients of shops, restaurants and other business projects that have joined the BioCoin loyalty platform, can receive a reward in the Bio crypto-currency for their personal cryptos for each purchase in these location. The reward is 10% (averaged figure) of the purchase amount in national currency. The number of accrued BIO is entering at the exchange rate at the time of the purchase. Rewards go to all customers without exception.
4. Can business projects, that have joined the BioCoin loyalty platform, take into not only the national currency, but also crypto-currencies - bitcoins and others?
Yes. LavkaLavka did it. When a client pays for a purchase to use crypto-currency, he receives a reward 10% of the amount spent. The solution allows accepting crypto-currency operatively and gives the possibility to stay in the legal field. It is a part of blockchain platform of loyalty BioCoin. The business projects that have joined the BioCoin loyalty platform, can accept for payment BioCoins with no limits. They also accept the national currency and other crypto-currencies.
5. Will BioCoin enter the crypto-exchanges after the Token Sale?
6. How client can receive BioCoins for charge as points?
Business projects, that joined the BioCoin loyalty blockchain-platform, buy out all the biocoins necessary for charging clients as a reward on cryptocurrencies. This happens as necessary, which depends on the growth of the rotation of each business.
7. How partners in the world can use blockchain-platform of loyalty ?
Blockchain-platform of loyalty gave by makers for use free of charge to all business projects, which have the same beliefs. Our goal is to cover as many clients as possible, and to increase the growth of the rotation of the crypto-currency.
8. What are the emission rules and why the value of crypto-currency will be grow?
1 billion of biocoin were released during the emission. This process is stopped. The exchange value of BioCoin will increase as the number of users of the currency grows, its rotation within the platform increases, and the need to buy it out on the exchange from the business of the platform participants. The BIO rate inside the blockchain loyalty platform will increase depending on the exchange value.
9. When does the Token Sale start?
The Token Sale starts on November 1 at 00:00 UTC and will last 4 weeks. The End of Token Sale is December 1 at 24:00 UTC.
10. BioCoin was created by LavkaLavka, who is it?
The farm cooperative LavkaLavka was created in 2009. Now it unites more than 200 small family farms. "LavkaLavka" are healthy products grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers by local farmers who care for the environment, revive forgotten varieties of fruits and vegetables, local breeds of animals, traditional crafts and rural life. All products are produced in small volume with enthusiasm and sincere love for their work. At the moment LavkaLavka includes: online store, 5 stores, 3 cafes, 2 restaurants, shop and farmer market in Moscow, a farm hub with procurement shops and a market in the Tula region. LavkaLavka also includes a production cluster for processing bioresources in the Murmansk region on the shore Barents Sea in the famous village of Teriberka. In the coming months, another 5 store-cafes of the cooperative will be open.
11. Was LavkaLavka a Google partner?
Yes. We started as activists in 2009; we did not have financial assistance. Yearly sales were about 1 million rubles. For the year 2016 sales revenue was about 400 million rubles. I mean our profit was increased greatly. Google chose us for participation in an advertising campaign in 2012.
12. What is the credo of LavkaLavka? What rules and beliefs you want to extend in the world using BioCoin?
All main activity of LavkaLavka regulated by company standard. It based on international experience of organic certification. We work with a small family farm, and avoid to work with corporations and large farms. We believe that our standard and activity is more efficient for community. Every year our experts’ collegium hold an inspection of farms. We support local farmer and consider, that the food should migrated less. We follow of rules of fair trade, sustainable development and responsible consuming. We consider that food is main instrument of environment influence. All our activity has a goal to support smaller local family farms, which vision based on protectiveness the nature and support the interests of local communities.
13. What international partners do the LavkaLavka have?
LavkaLavka is active participant of international movement Slow Food, which figths for the preservation of agricultural traditions and protects the interests of local farm communities. In addition, LavkaLavka is an official member of IFOAM Organics International. It is a public organization that unites all the most significant participants of the worlds’ organic market. In 2016 the founder of LavkaLavka Boris Akimov was invited to the UN - he made a presentation. The Food and Agriculture Agency of the United National twice asks about LavkaLavka’s experience as an example of successful development of small family organic farming. The team of LavkaLavka believe that business should be socially oriented not only a profit, but also should change world around for the better.
14. How I can buy BioCoin?
You can buy tokens on the website in investor’s personal account. During the ICO you can use several payment options: for example, direct translation of BTC, ETH, WAVES (the minimum purchase amount is 1 BIO). Payment by the set of crypto-currencies supported by (the minimum purchase amount is 1 BIO). Direct translation of Emercoin (EMC) (the minimum purchase amount is 100 BIO). You can also purchase BIO with USD, EUR, RUB, MasterCard, Visa, Yandex.Money, QIWI.
15. What is the value of BioCoin?
During the ISO will be sold 800 million BIO. The price policy of BioCoin (BIO) before the end of ICO (up to 01.12.2017): First Round of PreSale (25.09.2017 - 8.10.2017), 50 BIO = 1 USD; Second Round of PreSale (9.10.2017 - 31.10.2017), 45 BIO = 1 USD; Sale (01.11.2017 - 02.11.2017), 40 BIO = 1 USD; Sale (03.11.2017 - 01.12.2017), 35 BIO = 1 USD.
16. What is the minimum amount for the purchase of BioCoin?
It can be 1000 BIO.
17. What happens if the minimum required amount for the project is not collected?
We expect to sell 15 million of dollars at crypto-currency. Now it cost of 800 million of BioCoins. We are planning include in our platform about 1 million users by 2020. If we will break down and our sales will be smaller, the number of users and businesses inside the platform will be smaller.
18. Which currencies will be accepted during the Token Sale as payment?
Сrypto-currencies and fiat money will be accepted. You can purchase BIO with BTC, ETH, WAVES, SIB, USD, EUR, RUB, MasterCard, Visa, Yandex.Money, QIWI.
19. Is the number of BioCoins restricted?
In a whole one billion BioCoins are released. During the Token Sale 800 million BioCoins will be sold by the price $1 = 50 BIO. 160 millions BIO stay in the project. 40 millions BIO will be spent on marketing and PR of the BioCoin blockchain. There won’t be any new emission.
20. How can I create an account?
In order to take part in BioCoin (BIO) crowdfunding, you need to register on our official website To create an account, follow the registration link.
21. What are financial benefits for buyers of BioCoins?
It will be possible to sell BioCoins on the market at a higher price than during the Token Sale, because the businesses, which are members of the BioCoin blockchain platform, will place orders on repurchase of crypto-currency. With the planned increase in BioCoin turnover by 2020, all the BioCoins released during this Token Sale can be purchased from buyers. At the same time, from the very beginning, BioCoins are provided with farm and organic products. If desired, they can be changed for this very product.
22. Where can I get the information about bounty?
You can find all about bounty right here.
23. Are you open for partnership?
Yes. We are looking for partners for the loyalty program from all over the world. Send your offers by email, and we will surely contact you.
24. Can I buy BioCoin from outside of Russia?
Purchase of BioCoins is possible from all the countries. The only restriction lies in laws of countries
25. How can I use BioCoin (BIO) after the Token Sale?
You can sell it on market or you can buy farm products with it.
26. Is my personal information protected?
The BioCoin (BIO) website is regularly moderated and checked for safety. We also scan for security vulnerability and malware. All your information is stored in a safe space and available only to a limited number of people who have special access rights.
27. Is BioCoin a security?
No. In Russia and in most countries crypto-currencies are not regulated by law, and as a consequence are not securities. The situation is different in the USA. A security by law is only a financial instrument that corresponds to three criteria, formulated by the The United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Criteria are the following: 1. It is an investment of money; 2. It is in a common enterprise; 3. Its profits come solely from the efforts of others. If any of these criteria is not met, a token cannot be considered a security. This means that BioCoin is not a security, because the tokens are a local currency of the so-named blockchain platform and do not provide their holder a share in business. Virtual currency represents a concrete type of digital token which serves for exchange, charge metering and maintenance. Buying BioCoins investors get an opportunity to pay with them for products and services in terms of the BioCoin platform worldwide.
28. Do you accept fiat currency during the Token Sale?
Yes, we accept both cryptocurrency and roubles. You can purchase BIO with BTC, ETH, WAVES, SIB, USD, EUR, RUB, MasterCard, Visa, Yandex.Money, QIWI.
29. Where will the BioCoins be accepted?
At the moment BioCoins are accepted in LavkaLavka, Good Faith Restaurant Group ( of Trevett Hooper (Pittsburg, USA), farm cooperative Libera Terra ( in Italy, farm shop in Moscow. We are currently negotiating with international organisations Slow Flood and IFOAM about the possibility of joining the BioCoin blockchain platform and usage of BioCoins by some of the members of these organisations. In the nearest future BioCoins will be accepted in hundreds businesses all over the world. To found them, you can visit our Google maps
30. Is it obligatory for members of the BioCoin loyalty system to buy BioCoins on market by the price that equals 10% from the sum of purchases made by their clients?
No, it is not. 10% is a mean value. Each partner decides the size of remuneration in BIO for a purchase.
31. What are you going to do with all the money raised during the Token Sale?
All money raised during the Token Sale will be spent on realisation, launch, maintenance and PR of the blockchain platform BioCoin. We are planning to develop used technologies, to expand the customer database, to improve marketing of the platform, to find new partners all over the world and to open new stores.
32. Is it true that BioCoin is not only a business, but also a social movement?
Yes, you can say so. The social part of the project is highly important for us. BioCoin is a contribution to alternative version of our planet’s development. It’s an investment in the green development, organic agriculture and in the future in a larger sense. BioCoins give opportunity to small farms and local communities to evolve.
33. Where can I learn more about the BioCoin project?
You can read the project’s Whitepaper, official website or contact us.
34. Does anybody already use BioCoins?
Boris Akimov and Alexander Pocheptsov, two farmers of the LavkaLavka cooperative, accept BioCoins as payment for their products.
35. What is BioCoin ecosystem testing?
In order to show before the Token Sale how efficient the BioCoin ecosystem is, we have put in requisition 20 millions BIO. They are accepted by farmer of LavkaLavka cooperative for their products, by LavkaLavka’s stores and restaurants, as well as our partners who gradually grow in number. The BioCoin ecosystem is already launched and successfully evolved.
36. What are the terms of crediting the tokens to my wallet?
During the presale we accept the money. BioCoins will be sent to your wallet by the robot on October 9. Starting from October 9, BioCoins will be sent to your wallet immediately after payment.
37. When does BioCoin go to the exchange?
From November 1, the Token Sale will take place at the "Voskhod" exchange. In November, BioCoin enters other exchanges at the same time as "Voskhod"

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