To get BioCoin you need a BIO wallet address. In this manual, the installation is performed on a Windows system.
For this, you have to download bio_wallet suitable for your operating system from the official website
Next, you need to extract the contents of the archive Then you run the BioCoin-qt.exe installation file
In the dialog box you select the installation location. It is better to install on a LARGE volume NON-system disk, since the amount of space occupied by your wallet will increase due to the increase of the number of transactions in the network.
The wallet is installed. To see the address for receiving funds, you need to click on the funds tab. The identifier of your wallet is in the Address column.
To send coins, go to the sending of coins tab and insert the address of the receiver's BIO wallet in the label box.
To protect the funds, you need to encrypt the wallet (in this case, a password will be required to send money). To protect the wallet, make wallet replication.
To make a backup copy of the wallet or replicate it on another computer, you need to copy the files wallet.dat (this file is your wallet), which are located in the folder that was selected when installing the wallet. Transfer this file to the disk, for better safety of your wallet. In order to replicate your wallet on another computer, install the wallet on it as described above, and then after installation replace the file wallet.dat with your file from the disk.
There is also a standard way to export the keys, that will help to transfer the wallet between different operating systems.
You need to unload the keys (this will be a file in txt format).
And then import them into another system.
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