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The BioCoin rules

Upon acquiring and any subsequent use of the BioCoin digital asset, I certainly accept and agree to the following terms of this public offer:

1. BioCoin is not an equity or any other security.

2. BioCoin does not provide an opportunity to participate in the profits of any company.

3. Holders of BioCoin do not receive dividends related to the activities of any business.

4. BioCoin is a software digital asset of the BioCoin loyalty system. BioCoin can be used to activate the participation of a BioCoin holder in the BioCoin loyalty system.

5. The cost of BioCoin within the BioCoin loyalty system can change daily or more often. Both growth and decline in the value of BioCoin are possible.

6. The number of companies participating in the BioCoin loyalty system may increase or decrease.

7. BioCoinissuers are not responsible for the actions of companies that have entered into the BioCoin loyalty system.

8. А holder of BioCoin has the right to dispose of the digital asset at his or her own discretion. BioCoin issuers are not responsible for any actions of BioCoin holders.

9. BioCoin issuers do not give guarantees for BioCoinrepurchase to BioCoin holders.

10. BioCoin issuers warn BioCoin holders about possible changes in the value of the BioCoin digital asset in the future and manipulation of the BioCoin digital asset market. BioCoin issuers are not responsible for such changes and manipulations.